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March - 23, 2022 Why you should switch to uPVC Doors Windows ?

Why you should switch to uPVC Doors Windows?

The question that arises in the mind of many of us that why they should switch to uPVC doors and windows if they can get wooden and aluminium doors at a low cost. Then why should they spend more money and buy uPVC Doors and windows? There are various factors for which you should switch to uPVC doors and windows rather than wooden and aluminium doors and windows some are stated below :

Surface Quality

Wooden: It depends on how you keep it. Aluminium: In case aluminium anodizing wears out, corrosion sets it. uPVC:  Maintained throughout its useful life.

Thermal Insulation:-

Thermal insulation means in winter your home will be hot and in summer your home will be cool.  
    • Wooden: The thermal insulation in wooden door windows is neither good nor bad its an okay type.
    • Aluminium: The thermal insulation in aluminium door windows is very poor, being metal it has poor. thermal insulation and high thermal conductivity.
    • uPVC: The thermal insulation in the uPVC door window is very good. Heat losses are reduced due to wider profile dept & multi-chamber section.

Fire Properties :

    • Wooden: Very poor.
    • Aluminium: Excellent.
    • uPVC: Excellent.

Noise Insulation:

Noise insulation means the outdoor noise is not going inside the home and vice versa.
    • Wooden: It's okay type neither you can say its good nor you can say its bad.
    • Aluminium: Poor, the mechanically joint corners renders very poor result from Acoustic insulation angle.
    • uPVC: Excellent, the multi-chamber sealed cavities and welded corners offer excellent noise-insulating properties.

Dimensional Accuracies:

    • Wooden: It's okay type neither you can say its good nor you can say its bad.
    • Aluminium: Poor, they are fabricated locally, hence poor quality and non-uniformity.
    • uPVC: Excellent, they are factory produced on the sophisticated machine, hence offer uniform quality control.

Conservation of Energy:

    • Wooden: Nil.
    • Aluminium: It requires 7.5 times the energy than that required to manufacture PVC, as a result, you can say that its conservation energy is very low.
    • uPVC: Excellent.

Preservation of Natural Forest Wealth:

    • Wooden: Poor.
    • Aluminium: Excellent.
    • uPVC: Excellent.


    • Wooden: For maintaining it, requires regular painting & polishing.
    • Aluminium: No maintenance cost.
    • uPVC: No maintenance cost.


    • Wooden: Good.
    • Aluminium: Good.
    • uPVC: Much stronger due to steel reinforcement profile.


    • Wooden: It can be warp.
    • Aluminium: It can be wrap
    • uPVC: Will not Wrap, last for a lifetime.
  This above all point has proven to you why you should switch to uPVC doors windows because its quality matters and Shroff Polycraft maintains quality.          

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