PVC Bathroom Door

PVC Bathroom Doors

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a great choice for doors in your bathroom. It makes a good alternative to wood or metal for bathroom doors. Are you planning to renovate or install a new bathroom door? Read on to know why PVC will be the right choice for you.

PVC is a plastic polymer available in flexible and rigid forms. Manufacturers use the rigid form of PVC for fabricating panels to make doors. PVC Door doesn't rot and warp and maintenance costs are low. There are many designs of PVC Doors where you get the option to choose as per your choice. These doors are easy to install, do not degrade in a moist environment and are durable. Shroff Polycraft provides the best quality PVC Bathroom Doors. Matching frames are also available for these doors.

These are 30mm thick stylish single-panel PVC doors that are used in Offices, Homes, Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels and public or private places. These have glossy surface finishing and the door open style is ‘Casement’. This type of door is termite and borer proof.

PVC Doors


There are various features of installing PVC Bathroom Doors. Some of the features of these types of doors are discussed below.


PVC Bathroom Doors are easy to install. Less time is consumed during the installation process.


These types of bathroom doors are durable and last for a long time. PVC has a high tolerance to shocks and abrasions.


These doors are easy to clean and do not require much maintenance cost. You can use a sponge or soft towel for cleaning. A soft dry sponge or kitchen towel will help PVC Doors to dry out. Occasional washing is enough for keeping the door clean.


The doors do not rot and have good longevity, thus keeping the doors in good shape. A PVC sheet is coated with a thin plastic film, which makes it chemically resistant to acids, bases and salts. Thus, these doors are free from the risk of rotting, rusting and fading in moisture-rich areas like bathrooms.


There are a variety of designs of PVC Bathroom Doors and can be found in many colours to match your decor.


This type of door is waterproof and hence the condition of the door remains unaffected.


PVC Doors

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