UPVC Sliding Window

UPVC Sliding Windows

uPVC Sliding windows have two or more horizontal sashes (Sash is the technical term for frames) which are fitted with the rollers for unhindered sideward track movement where the frames can slide back and forth. These windows give panoramic views and good ventilation as more air can circulate in the room. uPVC Sliding Window is easy to operate, energy-efficient and gives a clear view. It has a low maintenance cost.

The world around us is constantly evolving as new technologies are being incorporated into every sector of human society. This is also consequently true for home improvement as new uPVC windows have taken the industry by storm.

These types of Sliding windows are recommended for bedrooms, offices, large or tall openings and balconies. You can also explore different options of colours for these windows. Reduction in friction between the rollers of these sliding windows promises smooth functioning. There are various designs of these windows which are Two Track, Three Track etc. The Window Frames are designed in such a way that makes the windows reduce the transfer of heat and hence saves energy.

UPVC Sliding Window


The installation of uPVC windows are extremely critical during the Indian summers as the temperature of the nation goes higher than 40 degrees Celsius in most of the cities. The uPVC Sliding windows help to keep the house cool from the summer heat. Let us now find out some of the features of these windows which are highlighted below.


These windows are UV resistant, which means that they block the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from entering your house or office. Being exposed to UV rays can cause damage to the possessions of your apartment as the rays are notoriously popular for degrading any commodity which comes in contact with it.


This type of window is resistant to combustion, which automatically means that the product is non-flammable in nature which automatically increases the safety and security of your house.


The window provides very good thermal insulation. Heat losses are reduced due to wider profile depth and multi-chamber section.


These windows are soundproof in nature as they help to effectively dampen the sound and reduce noise pollution.


Sliding Windows

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