Shroff Polycraft is a precision product brand from Shroff Polycraft Private Limited. It is the leading manufacturer of uPVC Windows and Doors in Kolkata and offers the best quality of products and services.

Shroff Polycraft is an active brand for uPVC Door and Window systems. Quality, Design, and Innovation are given utmost importance during the manufacturing process. uPVC window and door are designed to match Indian tropical conditions and are extruded and tested conforming to the most stringent benchmark.

The brand is revolutionary to Doors and Windows in India with an exclusive range in Double and Triple Glazing. We give a whole new Dimension to Architectural works by introducing the uPVC product which is a substitute for wood, Aluminum, Steel, and other metals. We understand the specific requirements of our clients and offer customized solutions for their requirements from measurement to installation. The company has extensive experience in the field of the architectural building Industry.






Factors that determine tilt and turn windows price:-

Tilt and turn windows:

Tilt and turn windows have a mechanical hinge that opens on two axes. There's a single handle that you use to tilt the window open from the top to let in a light breeze or turn the handle to open the whole window from the side as a doorway or for easy cleaning.
There are many factors which determine the price of tilt and turn window some are as follow:

Shape and Appearance: Shape and Appearance play an important role to decide the price of tilt and turn window price or any other window price. The price depends on the height and width of the window. It also depends on the shape now people want a different shape window so to make that shape we need more effort and some of our material can't be reused again. So, to make a different shape window it makes it quite costly.

Brand: Brand is the most important factor to determine the price of tilt and turn windows. If you will use good quality material it will cost high and vice versa. Shroff Polycraft maintains the quality of its product so I Think people have complained that our products are quite expensive but I think when they see it's expensive then they should have a question why it's expensive, why we are charging a high cost. There must be some reason and the reason is that Shroff Polycraft never compromises in quality because we believe quality matters.

The above-mentioned points play an important role to decide the price of tilt and turn windows. Shroff Polycraft is the best fabricator for the uPVC brand.

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