UPVC Louver Window

UPVC Louver Windows

UPVC Louver Windows provide excellent ventilation because these windows ensure an uninterrupted view of the outside environment while the tilt for adjustable blades allow you to monitor the air circulation in the room. These windows obstruct dust and pollution from getting inside the home and office.

Louver is the window shutter with horizontally placed blades at an angle to let the air and light flow inside the room and also to keep out direct sunlight and rain. The angle of the blades are fixed and are in a movable position which helps us to adjust the angle as per our requirement. uPVC Louver window is designed in such a way that it ensures the louver blades are spaced equally throughout the size range.

For remarkable ventilation purposes, uPVC Louvered windows are preferred worldwide. The temperature friendly window design is ideal for the hot and humid climate of India and is one of the preferred uPVC window options to consider. The window is durable, well finished and precisely designed to meet the expectation of the buyers.

UPVC Louver Window



These windows provide you flexibility with the option of tilting inwards or open inwards fully which improves air circulation in the room.


Provides safety and security without interrupting ventilation. You can manoeuvre the window by applying less effort.


There is a wide range of frames that helps you to choose as per your need. The designs of the frames make your property look beautiful.


Louver windows are also called Ventilator windows. You can control the ventilation as these windows can be tilted which allows you to control the flow of air throughout the room. These windows are perfect for allowing the outside breeze to enter your home and make your living space more comfortable and bright.


These windows provide easy cleaning and you can clean the exterior side of the window safely while you are inside the room, which means that you do not need any ladder to get up and clean. Just turn the handle and you are all set to go.


The Lever Action Handle locks the blade in the closed position.


Louver Windows

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