UPVC Windows

UPVC Casement Windows

Shroff Polycraft, the leading UPVC Window suppliers in West Bengal has set its footprints in almost every corner of the state. UPVC Casement windows are good for natural ventilation. These types of windows have become trendsetters by introducing variety of designs. This type of windows work on the hinge mechanism which are simple and easy to handle, turn towards left and right in order to open outward.

UPVC Windows prices depend on the quality and size of the product. The measurement is first taken and then quotation is sent to the customer. Shroff Polycraft is the most trusted brand for UPVC doors and windows. These doors and windows can be customized and are available in different styles and designs. Shroff Polycraft manufactures a wide range of upvc windows and doors. The durability of these products are very good and are long-lasting. If you are planning to buy a new home or office then choosing the right quality of doors and windows is a matter of concern in today’s world. Consider buying UPVC Doors and Windows for better service.

UPVC Windows

Advantages of UPVC Casement Window

1. Good Ventilation

Provides a wide open view of the surrounding, thus ensuring proper ventilation. UPVC Casement Windows can be opened totally, hence the air will flow properly and you can enjoy the natural surroundings.

2. Designs

You can choose the designs and colours as per your requirement. There is a range of designs and colours available that will be appropriate to your needs.

3. Safety and Security

UPVC Casement Windows offer high safety, thus makes it difficult to break into. UPVC Windows are compatible with multi-point locking hardware which increases the security as well.

4. Zero Maintenance

Saves time and money since no maintenance is required. UPVC Casement window does not get discoloured. These windows do not go out of shape.

5. Easy to install

UPVC Casement Windows are easy to install and do not take much time and thus saves time and money for you.

6. Economical

These are economical and fits within your budget, in short these types of windows are cost effective.

7. Stylish and good looking

Your house and office looks beautiful as you install these styling and good looking windows.

8. Available in various designs

There are various designs available where you can choose the one(s) that suits your need which ultimately will increase the beauty of your home or office.

9. Noise proof

It helps to reduce sound transmission and you can enjoy a calm and peaceful environment.

10. Various Sizes

The window will fit perfectly in your apartment and office as it comes with various sizes. You can get the freedom to choose the shape and size as per your need.

11. Protection Against Dust and Other Pollution

UPVC Doors and Windows have fusion welded joints in every corner of the frames and tracks. They are prefabricated at sophisticated machinery and are readily installed at sites. As the joints are fusion welded, there is no chance of any gap and act as a barrier against any pollution which keeps the room fresh and odourless.

12. Optimizes Space

These windows can be narrow and tall depending upon the size of the room and thus utilizes the room’s space in an optimal way.

13. Blocks UV Rays

This type of window blocks UV rays of the sun and keeps your home and office cool.


UPVC Windows

Casement UPVC Windows provide good sound and thermal insulation, are easy to maintain.
Multiple size options are also available.

Types of UPVC Casement Windows

There are three types of Casement Windows which are discussed below.

Single Frame Casement Window - This can be tilted and opened inwards into the room of the building.

Double Casement Window - This type of window opens outward and meets in the middle and appears more fashionable than windows with single frame.

Push Out Casement Window - Very easy to use which enhances your comfort zone.