UPVC Windows

UPVC Top Hung Windows

uPVC Top Hung Windows are cost-efficient and provide obstacles against thermal and sound pollution. These uPVC windows are very easy to use and have a low maintenance cost. Top Hung window is a mix of casement and window frame both made with high-quality uPVC. The frame is attached to the casement by way of a hinge on the top side of the casement which permits the window to swing open outward and can be paused at a position via friction stays.

These types of windows look similar to traditional casement windows but with a difference. Casement windows turn on hinges mounted on the side while Top Hung windows turn on hinges mounted at the top. The window is operated with a handle at the bottom.

They are placed higher in walls and provide excellent ventilation. Ideal for commercial and residential buildings. Colour Options are available to match your needs.

UPVC TopHung


Let’s now discuss some of the advantages of these windows.


You can choose from a wide variety of sizes and designs for the given range of UPVC Top Hung Windows.


These windows provide good protection against rain and wind. So, now you do not need to worry about rainwater coming to your room.


By installing this window, the rooms inside the house and office get airy and fresh. Being an outstanding source of ventilation of the room, you can even control the wind levels to your room as per your need.


Makes your home and office energy efficient by reducing your air-conditioning cost remarkably. The multi-chambered design of profiles prevents the transfer of heat inside your home and office.


Top Hung Windows


  • Best suited for them who have very specific needs.
  • Extremely secured due to multi-point locking system.
  • Easy to install and saves a lot of time.


  • The joining walls need to be plastered very well from inside and outside before installing this window.
  • Each window needs to be shimmed adequately to the plumb level.
  • No hindrance in cavity is tolerated where the window gets installed.
  • The cavity width and height size are measured carefully for fitting the window properly.


Nowadays there are many window designs in the market; among them UPVC Top Hung Window is one of the best selling windows. This window does not take much space inside the room and are perfect for monsoons because the rain water is obstructed without hampering the freshness of the nature. It does not darken the room and allows sufficient light to enter from the outside.


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