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September - 16, 2022 What is the cost of uPVC doors and windows ?

What is the cost of uPVC doors and windows?

People have this question very much in their mind what is the cost of uPVC doors and windows? Why do some companies charge less prices and why do some company charge higher prices?

In this blog, I will try to resolve all the queries regarding the cost of uPVC doors and windows Let us first discuss what is uPVC, uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a hard plastic material commonly used in windows and doors. The profile has the quality of water resistant, fire resistant, noise resistant, moisture resistant corrosion resistant, and will act as a guard against pollution. This makes uPVC door windows more durable and long-lasting. If you install uPVC doors and windows you don't have to worry for 25 years as Shroff Polycraft gives a warranty for 25 years on their uPVC products. That means if any kind of problem arises the company will resolve your problem free of cost.

Now, let us discuss why some Company charges less price for the uPVC product and some company high prices.

In recent years, the demand for uPVC frames has increased due to their economic and ecological benefits. Manufacturers have cut down on production costs to make it more affordable but still give a high-quality product.

The cost of materials has increased due to a shortage of skilled workers. This is one of the main reasons why uPVC window and door prices have gone up by 5%.

Upper-grade polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) and double glazing are more expensive than other products.

This is because uPVC windows are heavier, meaning they need more materials to be used in production.

Another reason for the higher price of uPVC windows and doors is that these products are resistant to water and humidity, making them last longer.

One of the main reasons is also that the profile they use for making uPVC products can make their price higher.

If the company uses a local profile its cost will be lower. But if a company uses branded profile like Shroff Polycraft uses the uPVC profile that is imported from Germany it costs a higher price. But people always consider the price but I think they should consider the price with its brand. The quality of the product used. As if we will pay more it will last for more time. But, if we will pay less than every month there will be a headache of the maintenance cost, repairing cost etc. I think low quality cost higher price because every month there will be expenses which the customer has to bear up. It's better to buy a branded uPVC product and remain tension free for years.  

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