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December - 15, 2021 uPVC Windows Cost in India

The cost of uPVC Windows depends on a lot of factors like Brand, Size, Shape etc. which are discussed below. But first, let us discuss uPVC windows, their usage, benefits and types.

What are uPVC Windows?

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride(uPVC) is a plastic powder that is used to make window frames. It is also a low maintenance building material that can be used as a substitute for wooden windows and doors. Some steps need to be taken while making the frames for uPVC windows. At first, the uPVC is heated up to a certain temperature. Then it is moulded as per the shape required for making frames. Then several cooling methods are applied after it has been injected into the mould. At last, the material is cut and assembled along with other components for making the window. There are no chemicals or Plasticizers in the uPVC and that is why it is stronger than other materials. These types of windows are very durable and have many functionalities.

What is the use of uPVC?

We can find uPVC in window and door frames.

Advantages of uPVC Windows

There are many advantages of these windows which are as follows.

  1. High Insulation: Provide better insulation than other materials which helps to reduce energy costs. The double glass panes have a layer of air in between which doesn't make the room hot or cold during summer or winter.

  2. Soundproof: The window doesn't let the noise and other sound enter from outside and help to maintain a peaceful environment inside the room.

  3. Durable: These windows can sustain for 20 years and are easy to maintain.

  4. High Quality: The windows have weather-resistant, have noise cancellation and have better insulation properties. These windows require minimum maintenance and are easy to clean. uPVC windows retain their durability, functionality and colour for a very long time.

Types of uPVC Windows

There are different types of uPVC Windows such as Sliding window, Casement window, Top Hung window, Louver window, Fixed window and French window.

Cost of uPVC Windows

The rates of these windows vary as per design, size, colour and requirements. Light Oak, Walnut, White, Mahogany are the Frame colours available for such windows. The cost of the uPVC windows also depends on the colour of the Frames, the quality of glass, hardware and the type of window you choose for your home and office. It is always better to do some research about the price before discussing it with the manufacturer or fabricator.  

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