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August - 21, 2019 How To Choose The Best UPVC Windows?

You can find many manufacturers and suppliers of UPVC Windows in today’s market, but choosing the best one is a challenging task. Trustworthy, Popularity, On-Time Delivery, Quality are some of the factors that we look for while evaluating a Company’s product. The answer to the question is highlighted through the list of things that needs to be considered while choosing the best UPVC Windows.

UPVC Section

You should make sure that there is a minimum of ten-year or more guarantee with the Window System.


Ask the seller about the glass. Check whether there is any guarantee with your double glazing.

Locking System

You can find many locking systems out there. Some companies will use the cheapest one unless you ask for a better locking system. The one which is most common in the market is Espag locking system. If you want a bit more security then you can choose shoot-bolt locking system.

Bead System

Check whether the bead system is external or internal. Internal bead system indicates that the glass can only be taken out from the inside.


You can find lots of different types of UPVC window handles in today’s market. Some handles last six months to a year depending upon the usage. The best thing you can do is look out for the window handles that come with a two year guarantee including all the moving parts of the window.


There are many different types of hinges, it’s difficult to tell whether they are good or bad by just looking at the appearance. Make sure that the hinges come with a two year warranty.


Interlockers are UPVC blocks that help the sash to close properly, provide your window good security.

If you are looking for the best UPVC windows in kolkata then try to memorize the above mentioned points while purchasing, it will help you in the long run. You can go through the Technical Specification Page in order to know about the technical details of the best UPVC windows.

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