UPVC Windows

UPVC louver Windows

There are different kinds of windows like UPVC Fixed Windows, UPVC Casement Windows, UPVC Tilt and Turn Windows etc. which offer many advantages. Shroff Polycraft, the leading supplier of UPVC Windows in Kolkata uses European Technologies for manufacturing UPVC Doors and Windows.

They do not compromise on quality of the products and hence use branded profiles (frames) and hardware in order to deliver the best to the customers. The company also takes care of customer’s needs of designing a home and office and delivers accordingly. Shroff Polycraft, the leading UPVC window suppliers uses European Technologies for manufacturing UPVC Doors and UPVC Windows. They supply the best quality of UPVC windows and doors and also provide the best service.

UPVC Sliding

Benefits of UPVC Louver Window

1. Easy to operate

UPVC Louver Windows provide you flexibility with the option of tilting inwards or open inwards fully which improves air circulation in the room.

2. High Security

Tilt and Turn Windows have more than one locking systems which strengthen the security of the house and office. The tilt position helps in providing safety and security without interrupting ventilation. You can manoeuvre the window by applying less effort.

3. Pleasing Designs

The wide range of frames helps you to choose as per your need. The designs of the profiles make your house look elegant.

4. Good Ventilation

Only one click on the handle and you are able to enjoy the natural view of the outside. You can even control the ventilation as these windows can be tilted vertically and can be opened from top. These windows can be opened both vertically and horizontally. The turn function provides sufficient air flow into the room.

5. Easy To Clean

These windows provide easy cleaning and you can clean the exterior side of the window safely while you are inside the room, which means that you do not need any ladder to get up and clean. Just turn the handle and you are all set to go.

6. Better Air Tight

The Tilt and Turn Window provides better air tight facility, seals the air tightly and relatively less prone to air and water leakage.

7. Larger Size

The benefits of Tilt and Turn Windows also include larger window size options for the home owners and architects. The Tilt and Turn Windows do not restrict you to a limited size range.

These UPVC Tilt and Turn Windows are perfect for allowing the outside breeze to enter your home and make your living space more comfortable and bright. Shroff Polycraft is a trusted brand in uPVC door and window segments whose Mantra is “Quality is the sole Priority”.


UPVC Windows

Louver UPVC Windows provides sufficient ventilation because of the tilt option.
These windows hinder dust and pollution from getting inside the house and office.