UPVC Sliding Doors

A beautiful home and office is something that everyone desires. UPVC Doors and Windows play an important part in enhancing the decor of the rooms of the apartments and commercial buildings. Shroff Polycraft, the best and the oldest Fabricator of UPVC Doors in Kolkata brings you top quality UPVC Sliding Doors and Windows. This type of doors opens horizontally by sliding which is generally parallel to the wall. UPVC Sliding Door has replaced the traditional swing doors that were used before by the hotels, homes and offices.

Sliding Doors have two or more frames which slide horizontally on tracks, to the left and to the right. These doors are elevated above the track so that the slide can move smoothly without any hindrance. UPVC Sliding Doors are manufactured by adopting the highest standards of engineering and innovative ways of designing. Shroff Polycraft is also one of the best UPVC Doors and Windows manufacturers in Kolkata.

UPVC Doors

Why You Should Install UPVC Sliding Doors?

A very good question indeed, why should we? The answer is not very complicated and is very simple. The following advantages will answer your question in detail.

1. Saves Space

Unlike other doors, UPVC Sliding Door does not take much space of your home and office if you install it. You do not need any extra space for opening these doors.

2. Clear View

These doors provide clear view of your garden or the surroundings of the place you reside, welcomes sufficient amount of natural light to flow in.

3. Easy To Operate

It is easy to operate, just a push to the slide and Voila!, start enjoying the nature and its beauty.

4. Low Maintenance

This type of UPVC Door is easy to maintain, thus saves your time and money. The hardware and profiles are of best qualities that provide a long life, thus ensuring safety and security as well.

5. UV Resistant

These types of sliding doors protect your home and office from harmful radiations of the Sun by blocking ultraviolet rays. Hence, they keep your rooms from getting hot.

6. Stylish

UPVC Sliding Doors are very modish and add beauty to your home and office, just by installing.

7. Prevents Dust

It prevents dust from settling down on the track and maintenance becomes easy and cost saving.

8. Barriers against Sound and Weather

This type of Sliding Doors serve as perfect barriers against all type of noise pollution and severe weather conditions. Shroff Polycraft, being one of the best UPVC Doors and Windows manufacturers in Kolkata, brings you the best UPVC Sliding Doors by following designing aesthetics and strict manufacturing guidelines. Call us to know more about our customized products.

UPVC Doors

UPVC Doors

UPVC Sliding Doors add beauty to your home and office. These doors save a lot of space
and are easy to use as these functions smoothly.