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UPVC Sliding Windows

The world around us is constantly evolving as new technologies are being incorporated in every sector of the human society. This is also consequently true for home improvement as new UPVC windows have taken the industry by storm. Upgradation is an essential aspect which everyone must consider. Be it your vehicle, job, or your apartment, people must upgrade from time to time in order to keep up with the current standard of living.

This is precisely what our company Shroff Polycraft looks to avail. Being incorporated in 2011, our business organization has worked with thousands of happy customers as our excellent services have left each and every client satisfied to the fullest. Being the leading UPVC sliding window manufacturer in Kolkata, our company now looks to take over the entire Indian domestic market with an aim to elevate the standard of living of the country.

UPVC Sliding

The Various Features Of UPVC Sliding Windows

The installation of UPVC windows are extremely critical during the Indian summers as the temperature of the nation goes higher than 40 degrees Celsius in most of the cities. The windows help to keep the house cool from the summer heat. Let us now find out some of the features of our UPVC sliding windows:

1. UV Resistant

The products of Shroff Polycraft are UV resistant, which means that the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun do not enter your house. Being exposed to UV rays can cause damage to the possessions of your apartment as the rays are notoriously popular for degrading any commodity which comes in contact with it.

2. Combustion Resistant

Our UPVC sliding windows are resistant to combustion, which automatically means that the products are non-flammable in nature. This automatically increases the safety and security feature of your house.

3. Low Heat Coefficient

The heat transfer coefficient of our products are extremely low. So it provides protection and also keeps the house cool during the summers.

4. Sound Dampening

Our UPVC windows are also sound proof in nature as they effectively help to dampen the sound. This helps to control noise pollution as you and your family can now live in peace without any disturbing noise from the external environment.


UPVC Windows

Sliding UPVC Windows are easy to operate, energy-efficient and gives a clear view,
have a low maintenance cost too.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in offering the best quality to our customers as our products are made by incorporating the latest technologies. We also provide a 20 year warranty period on profiles and 2 years warranty on hardware. So wait no more and get in touch with our professional today to avail and experience the premium services of Shroff Polycraft.