Shroff Polycraft has been manufacturing UPVC Windows and Doors in Kolkata since 2011. UPVC Fixed Windows are mounted to one space permanently and are mostly used in residential and commercial places. Fixed windows are an effective and budget friendly way of allowing natural light into the areas of the home and office.

We provide a wide range of UPVC windows as per clients’ requirements. Appealing designs and stunning looks of this fixed window increases the charm of the environment, where it’s installed. The cost of UPVC Windows depend on the quality and size of the products. The measurement is followed by installation of the windows. To know more about the UPVC Windows cost of Shroff Polycraft call or place your enquiry in the Contact Form.


Features of UPVC Fixed Windows

UPVC Fixed Window has high strength, rigid construction and reliability. It is manufactured by utilizing top grade materials under the supervision of our dedicated employees. Some of the features of UPVC Fixed Windows are discussed below.

1. High Durability

Provides resistance to extreme weather conditions, thus providing high durability. Being tough and durable, UPVC Windows keep their glossy looks for many years.

2. Increased Safety

Good UPVC profiles are lead free that do not cause any harm and are self extinguishing.

3. External Noise Reduction

After a busy working day, a peaceful environment helps one to de-stress. Even if one lives near a busy highway, home shall be soothingly quiet with these windows.

4. Protection Against Other Pollution

UPVC Doors and Windows have fusion welded joints in every corner of the frames and tracks. They are prefabricated at sophisticated machinery and are readily installed at sites. As the joints are fusion welded, there is no chance of any gap and act as a barrier against any pollution and keeps the room fresh and dust proof.


UPVC Windows

Good quality UPVC Windows do not allow rainwater to get inside the house or office,
thus ensuring proper sealing and keep us safe and secure.

Installation Process of UPVC Fixed Window

Points to remember while installing UPVC Fixed Windows are mentioned below.

  • Window joining walls must be plastered from both inside and outside. The cavity needs to be free from any obstruction during the installation process.
  • Each window should be properly shimmed.
  • The installation should begin after one coat of paint; precautionary measures should also be taken in order to ensure that there is no Plaster of Paris work on the joining face of the window.

Among the UPVC Windows manufacturers in Kolkata, Shroff Polycraft provides the best quality of products. By installing UPVC Fixed Window, you can enjoy the view of the outside world along with the comfort of your home or office. You can also have the option to choose the colours as per your choice. To know about the technical specifications about this type of window, contact Shroff Polycraft.