Why Shroff Polycraft?

Shroff Polycraft Private Limited (SPPL) is one of the largest Fabricators in Kolkata. We provide a wide range of quality uPVC doors and windows which are difficult to find in Kolkata. Our products are of high quality, and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. We also customize our products according to the client requirements and certain other specific conditions. Given below are some of the reasons to choose Shroff Polycraft. The UPVC Doors and Windows price of Shroff Polycraft depends on the size and quality of the products. The price varies as per the designs, colours etc.

We provide high-quality products and services by incorporating the latest technologies. We are the manufacturers of lead-free products in India. We provide the best lamination sections with no scratches and white visibility. Our warranty periods for the profiles are for 20 years. We manufacture sulfur and carbon black content free TPV gaskets along with a modern rebate system.

We are the first manufacturers in India to provide non-euro-groove casement window sash and designer self-sticking glazing packers along with a wide range of glazing options to choose. We also provide the option of fly screening for both casement and sliding windows along with specially secured butt hinge for doors and windows.

We also manufacture a special kind of Glazing Bead Cutting System for an aesthetic look. We also provide special security for inside beading and anti-lift mechanism. Our company offers a unique and exclusive range of products and services which are highly appreciated and recommended.

Products offered:

Our products are manufactured using high-quality hardware materials.

  • uPVC Doors and Windows system
  • Restroom Cubicles
  • School Furniture
  • Lockers.

Services offered and methods:

We follow the chain method for the manufacturing of our products. The chain method is a step by step procedure of manufacturing our products. We coordinate each step to meet the deadlines and also for quality check purposes. The various steps involved in this chain are as follows

Site Survey

Our dedicated team of survey experts and professionals analyze each opening to ensure the right fabrication.


Our team of designers provide exclusive and unique designs for doors and windows in accordance with the client requirements and specified conditions.


Our expert team of professionals ensure that all the installations are completed at the right time.

We are the only manufacturers in India to follow this procedure of manufacturing and designing our products, which makes us unique and helps us to stand out from others. The chain method is truly beneficial as it helps us to keep a track on the products and services.


Features and Benefits of Installing uPVC Doors and Windows

  • UPVC windows provide resistance and protection from UV rays.
  • They are combustion resistant, and they also provide lower heat coefficient.
  • They also provide resistance to sound dampening.
  • UPVC doors and windows system can be easily installed.

Advantages of UPVC Window

  • The material does not get damaged or degraded as it is of high quality. It can be easily used for a consistently long period of time.
  • UPVC Windows are fire retardant, and they also have good thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • The installation of this window is very easy and hence it is time-saving and reduces cost.
  • It does not require any kind of maintenance or replacements in the future.
  • It is very economical as your electricity bills will get reduced.
  • It is really beneficial for urban areas as you can get rid of outside noise pollution.

Advantages Of UPVC Door

  • UPVC Doors do not require any kind of maintenance and are eco-friendly.
  • It does not get affected by the changes in weather conditions and is cost effective.
  • It is durable and customizable.
  • It has a good thermal installation and is fire resistant
  • It has perfect sound insulation.