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December - 28, 2021 Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

Advantages of Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazed Windows are those windows in which an insulated glass unit combines with multiple glass panes. Insulated Windows is the other name of these windows. The glass panes are separated by a spacer and a still layer of air or an inert gas like Xenon, Argon or Krypton to form an airtight seal. This creates an insulating barrier between the exterior and interior of a building. The glass is fitted into uPVC window frames. The space between the panes ranges from 6mm to 20mm. At least 12mm is recommended for good thermal performance. It is better to choose double glazing with 10mm to 20mm between the panes for better energy-efficient performance. These windows are gaining popularity day by day because of the following advantages.

  1. Double Glazed Windows are waterproof and weather resistant. This feature works well for people living close to the sea or in severe wet weather conditions.

  2. These windows also offer good acoustic insulation. They can keep the sound and noise outside forever. Such windows are a very good option for homes in big cities where there are consistently high levels of noise.

  3. These types of windows can keep the room cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter by providing excellent insulation. During Summer, Double Glazed Windows can trap some sun rays coming through the windows and causes your room to be cooler. In the Winter, these windows can capture natural heat and store it and keep your room insulated.

  4. These windows are tougher to break into and thus provide enhanced security to your home and office.

  5. They also help in saving energy by proving better insulation and allowing more natural light into the room.

  6. These windows also reduce moisture on the window panes because the airtight seal prevents condensation and stops the formation of mould.

Tip to identify a Window

The easy way to identify whether the window you have is Single or Double-Paned is to hold up a pencil or pen to the glass until you observe a reflection. If you see one reflection of the pen or pencil then you have a Single Paned Window and if you see two reflections then the window is a Double-Paned.

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